Tina Cooper

Exquisite", "unique" and "dramatic "are some of the adjectives used to describe Tina Cooper's glass sculptures. One of the leading figures in Australian Studio glass, she uses nature - earth, fire, water and air - to create her art, reflecting her passionate relationship with the environment from which she sources her inspiration.

Each sculpture is precise in its execution. Ensuring the perfect piece requires Tina to "dance with fire" orchestrating five highly skilled artisans who work in unison to provide hot pieces of glass for her to create her magic. Every part of the process is critical. Each piece is individually hand-made from liquid currents of molten glass drawn from a 1200c furnace and then fused, layered and placed around a vessel.

"My journey started on a small island in the British Isles called Jersey where castles line the horizon and the romance of ages fills the air. My move to Australia gave me the freedom to find and explore my creative self. The unique Australian environment has been a major influence in my work, combined with romance and fantasy. I hope that you will sense and share the depth of love and feeling that I put into each creation."