Kimberley Payard

Internationally recognized underwater photographers Allan and Kimberley Payard are adventure divers and explorers who have lived and worked professionally on the Great Barrier Reef for nearly 2 decades. Based on years of observation, above and below the water, their images share a unique view of Australia's world heritage listed reef, from the natural beauty and splendor of this living structure to the scientific documentation of its more unusual inhabitants.

Published in books and magazines around the world their images capture the awesome beauty and wonder of the world's largest living organism, the Great Barrier Reef.

Allan & Kimberley offer archival quality limited edition prints for home and office that will promote the welfare of the world's natural realms through greater awareness of the sea.Their vision of the Great Barrier Reef is dedicated to the care and preservation of our oceans and to restoring the balance of nature on our planets.

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Watercolourist, Kimberley Payard was classically trained in the art of watercolour at the Carol-Lynn Bond School of Fine Art in Cairns, Australia.

Combining her passion for the watercolour medium with her love of the sea, her paintings represent a unique view of the reef, offering a closer look into the heart and the soul of the fascinating world of the Great Barrier Reef.

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