In Spirit Glass Design

Partners Julie and Laszlo Biro are artists whose creations are inspired by their own spiritual philosophy as well as the spirit of nature.Each piece is individually hand crafted at their “In Spirit Studio” nestled in the hills of the Northern Rivers District, New South Wales.

Julie’s main characteristics can be best defined as her natural ability to interpret for us the currents of universal energies and the hidden beauty found in nature’s intricate designs. Julie also has a definite affinity with colour. Her experimentation with many techniques has resulted in the creation of a very fluid and harmonious rendition of the unique way light interacts with her patterned glass colour, ie. On the sting rays sculptures.

Laszlo’s European and sculptural background adds an extra touch to transmute light into glass combining it with technical integrity to complete the final artwork. He has worked extensively in a wide range of materials including bronze, concrete, timber, fibreglass and others in the execution of both private and public sculpture commissions. His background in the sciences, and in particular non-ferrous foundry technologies, has enabled Laszlo to work with glass, both as a sculptural medium and as an architectural material. This, in combination with his Degree in Fine Arts Sculpture, has resulted in creations in glass which have not only maintained the integrity of the material, but imbued it with the beauty of its potential as an artistic medium of expression.

Each creation is designed to bring light, colour and the spirit of nature into the home environment combining aesthetic design with practical functionality.